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Cancer can lead to depression and anxiety – not just for the patient.

Family and caregivers are affected too.

The 2nd component of collateral damage we’re trying to address is the emotional/psychological toll.

As a country, we’re increasingly familiar with the notion of PTSD in soldiers returning from tours of duty. But PTSD can manifest as a result of any traumatic, prolonged experience. So few people have access to counseling (which should lessen since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act), but that access can still be cost-prohibitive. So we want to help patients and their family members get access to counseling.

The goal is 2-fold:


  • provide support during the treatment/recovery period (or after the patient’s passing)
  • mitigate the long-term effects of the trauma


My parents’ insurance didn’t cover counseling. After 11 years, my mother has essentially lived in hospitals, and had she not stayed literally by my father’s bedside, advocating for him and making sure his care wasn’t mismanaged, my father wouldn’t have survived.

My Mom is a warrior. The stress has definitely taken its toll over 11 years – for her and myself. I wonder how much we both would have benefited if we had counseling throughout our family’s cancer journey.

That is why TWOCF helps patients and their family/caregivers get counseling and emotional support – both during treatment, and through survivorship. It’s not enough to increase the patient’s length of life – we want to improve quality of life.





Medical-Bills-iconFinancial Burden of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can bankrupt a family. More than 50% of all personal bankruptcies filed in the USA are due to medical costs!


HEARTBREAIN-iconStress & Emotional Toll

Cancer is stressful – even in the best of circumstances. That stress can lead to depression, anxiety, PTSD – and can impair recovery.


confused-iconMedical Bills are confusing

Between your doctor’s office, hospitals, insurance companies, collection agencies, billing codes, and statements of benefits – you need a Ph.D. in ancient Greek to understand your bills.


TWOCF is helping cancer patients and their families overcome the financial burdens that come with treatment & recovery. For patients in need, we’ll help cover your daily living expenses (rent, utilities, groceries, etc) so you can focus on the important stuff – getting through treatment and kicking cancer’s butt!


Cancer can lead to depression and anxiety – for the patient & their family/caregivers. It’s not enough to increase the patient’s length of life – we need to improve your quality of life, too. Stress can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you get emotional support, so you can thrive.


Ever feel like medical billing is gibberish? Our team of advocates will help you translate the gobbledy-gook into English, and sort out the hairballs between your doctor’s office/provider, the insurance company, and collection agencies.



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