About Us

Fighting cancer is like going through a war. And it’s not just the patient that suffers – the entire family is impacted.

You need help to address the collateral damage that cancer creates, which can be financial, physical, emotional, and psychological.

Who actually helps patients and their families through their battle with cancer?

What AAA is to auto-emergencies, or the Red Cross is to natural disasters, The War on Cancer Foundation is for cancer patients and their families.
We are trying to address the collateral damage that cancer creates, which can be financial, physical, emotional, and psychological.

We get you on the Road to Recovery with:


We help you cover your daily living expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, transportation) during treatment, so you can focus on kicking cancer’s butt, instead of how you’re going to make ends meet.


We’re helping patients and their family members get more access to counseling, so they have better emotional support while they’re in the trenches, and can get through their battle with a little more of their sanity in tact!


Providing a network of advocates to help patients/families navigate treatment and the hellish, confusing world of medical billing.

Why is this our Mission?
Most cancer non-profits focus on Education, Awareness or Research.

Imagine driving down the highway, lost, and all of your tires blow out, and your engine goes up in smoke. Education non-profits are the guy who drives up and says “Hey, if you check your tire pressure regularly and have your oil changed, you can avoid this from happening.” Awareness non-profits are the guy who stops by and says “Here is a smart phone where you can look up 100s of articles about fixing your car or finding the nearest service center.” And Research is the guy who drives up and says, “Would you like to donate $100? We’re developing a self-driving car that will be indestructible.”

They all serve their purpose, but none of them are enough.

We started The War on Cancer Foundation so families can get the immediate, real-world help they need, and GET BUSY LIVING!



Sign up to join the Troops, and tell us how you’d like to get involved.
Want to volunteer your time?
Organize a TWOCF Chapter or fundraiser in your area?
Drive patients to appointments?
Donate non-perishable goods? The possibilities are endless!



Make a tax-deductible donation that will go directly to helping a family currently in need. How will the money be used? Check out our current Projects.



Know someone who needs help, or would want to Enlist? SHARE our story, and encourage them to get involved, or apply for assistance.


with US!

Have a business, organization or non-profit that would like to team up with us? It’s going to take an ARMY to get the job done. We want to work with YOU and your business/group!



Are you buried under the stress and cost of cancer? Need help making-ends-meet during treatment and recovery? Need some emotional support, or someone to help you Navigate treatment and billing? Tell us how we can serve YOU.



Know a great doctor you’d recommend? Or a non-profit doing good work? Or a business supporting the cause? Tell us who! Let’s connect patients with the best providers and resources – and support the businesses that have supported the cause!

In 2004, Yogesh Pathak was 50 years old, and had been as fit as a horse his whole life. He was an active athlete, traveled the world for work, and had built and worked with some of the largest brands in the world. He was living “the good life.”

Yogesh Pathak and his daughter Jhanavi are trying to make a substantial difference for those facing cancer. Both know first-hand how emotionally, physically and financially draining a cancer diagnosis is for both the patient and the caregiver. Born out of a teenage daughter’s love for her father and a father’s resolve to beat the odds, Jhanavi and Yogesh have created the soon-to-be 501(c)3 non-profit, The War on Cancer Foundation.

After developing a pain in his right leg, Yogesh went to see his orthopedic doctor, thinking he had torn a ligament. Instead, Yogesh was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer, that had spread from his kidney to his spleen, pancreas, over 30 tumors throughout his lungs, onto his skull, and into his brain. He was given less than 6 months to live.

He has had roughly 14 major surgeries, including 4 brain surgeries, experimental treatment, and was on Hospice for 2.5 years. One of the brain surgeries caused permanent damage to his visual processing center, and he became legally blind. Another brain surgery led to complications that caused steroid-induced diabetes. At one point, he spent nearly 2 months in the ICU of a local hospital, where he lost his memory, speech, mobility, picked up multiple infections, and was eventually given less than a week to live. We brought him home on Hospice the week before Christmas 2004.

And in August 2015, he is still alive.

There is no medical explanation for how he has survived. Every doctor thought he would be dead in months, sometimes weeks.

Yogesh is my father.

I was 16 years old when my Dad was diagnosed. We’ve been blessed in countless ways. One, that my father has survived this long, and two: that he was able to afford the cost of cancer.

After insurance, the overall cost of my Dad’s illness has been over $3 Million.

We realized that, even though we have some of the best medical care and treatments in America, 99% of Americans can’t afford the devastating costs of getting cancer. And yet, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed.

So we started The War on Cancer Foundation, to help cancer patients and their families navigate their battles with cancer, face the collateral damage, and survive.