TWOCF: The troops who go into battle with you and your family

Who’s there to help you through your battle with cancer?

The War on Cancer Foundation works to eliminate the collateral damage cancer creates, and supports patients and their family and caregivers, so you have quality of life.

Call on us – the troops who go into battle with you and your family. Cancer patients and their loved ones often feel like they’re all alone – in the fog of war, drowning in a sea of stress, sick from treatment, weighed down by medical bills….in need of direction and marshaling of resources.

Most cancer non-profits focus on education or research. We provide immediate help

How We Help

We’re providing support in 3 areas of collateral damage:



TWOCF is helping cancer patients and their families overcome the financial burdens that come with treatment & recovery. For patients in need, we’ll help cover your daily living expenses (rent, utilities, groceries, etc) so you can focus on the important stuff – getting through treatment and kicking cancer’s butt!


Emotional / Psychological

Cancer can lead to depression and anxiety – for the patient & their family/caregivers. It’s not enough to increase the patient’s length of life – we need to improve your quality of life, too. Stress can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you get emotional support, so you can thrive.


Advocacy for Treatment
and Billing Issues

Ever feel like medical billing is gibberish? Our team of advocates will help you translate the gobbledy-gook into English, and sort out the hairballs between your doctor’s office/provider, the insurance company, and collection agencies.


Request Support

How can we help you?  We are building our community and related supports we want to hear about your specific needs and struggle so we connect your family with available resources and support. Please tell us your story.



Our community relies on a network of advocates and community navigators who have experienced the life-changing impact of cancer or have professional experience. Please contact us to learn more about how you can be involved.

We’re also looking for businesses who want to Enlist in the Fight, and support TWOCF’s Mission.



Donate to support the War on Cancer Foundation. Read about our new benchmark for philanthropy which allows our volunteer-run foundation to donate as close to 100% of funds raised as possible to the patients in need (instead of our overheads)!